A little spiritual chewing-gum………..an introduction to the blog

Story-telling must be the second oldest profession in the world. If you want to make a point or drive a message home, tell a story….or a fable, a folk-tale, and a joke will do just as well. This blog here, `A Little Spiritual Chewing-gum…’, will feature all of these and also poems, haiku, mulla nasrudin stories and other `luminous things’ as well as photographs, visuals that will reflect the wisdom and wit of the ages. Hopefully all these will give readers something to mull and chew on and help gain some `spiritual’ weight….Ideas, suggestions, contributions are welcome…..


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6 Responses to A little spiritual chewing-gum………..an introduction to the blog

  1. Looking fwd to this Mahesh!

  2. tara bose-thorogood says:

    Hey this is just brilliant Mahesh Bhai! I really did enjoy taking a break from work to read this unexpected drop-in with such witty and wise prose. I will “drop by” too and check out further witticisms and musings and not least the visual feasting too from now on. Thanks and see you when Im next in Bbay April 2013 if I can get away. My kind regards to your Ma.
    Bye for now.

  3. mash12000 says:

    thanks, tara…..stay tuned….:)

  4. ms says:

    truly inspiring – an oasis of calm in the arid desert of life!

  5. mash12000 says:

    thank you, mrs sharma, for your kind words……i’ll try to keep it inspirational…:)

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