One size doesnt fit all

Rajan entered his guru’s room, bruised, bleeding, his shirt torn.

`What is the matter?’ the other disciples asked him. `What happened?’ his guru said, concerned about his student.

`Those men outside…they were speaking ill about you. I will not tolerate anybody speaking ill about you….so there was a fight…’

`You must learn to control your temper, Rajan….How does it matter what others say? Learn to be calm…..’

After Rajan was seated, another disciple, Prasanna, entered the room.

`Did you see some men outside speaking ill about me?’ the guru asked.

`Yes, master, but I just ignored them and came away.’

`What sort of disciple are you?…..People are running your teacher down and you did nothing to stop them…’ his guru admonished him. A shamefaced Prasanna went and took his seat in a corner.

Later, after the satsang was over, his disciple, Mumukshu, asked him, `Master, you told Rajan to learn to be calm and yet you tried to instigate Prasanna to fight….I don’t understand this.’

`The medicine has to suit the patient…..Rajan needs to learn to calm down, Prasanna has to learn to be less complacent, and so each was dispensed advice that suited their personalities.




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