Point of view

In the course of her wanderings, Maya came upon a monk, Adhir, in the forest. He seemed upset and rather disturbed.

`What is the matter? Why are you weeping?’ she asked him.

`I am ruined, I am finished……,’ he moaned. `I have been meditating here under this tree for twenty-five years…..And, today, when I met my guru, I asked him how much longer it would take  to attain moksha….’

`And what was his reply?’ asked Maya.

Adhir broke down…`Another ten years…..Can you believe that?…I have to sit here for another ten years…’ he said, blinded with grief.

`Bless you,’ Maya said and walked on. After an hour she came upon another monk, Shreshtha. He was grinning from ear to ear, happy, almost ecstatic.

`And what makes you so happy?’ Maya asked.

`You wont believe it,’ he replied, smiling. `I have been sitting under this tree, meditating, for the last twenty-five years. Today I met my guru and asked him when I would attain moksha….’

`I can gather from your beaming face that his reply was encouraging’

`Most encouraging’, stated Shreshtha. `You know what he said?…..Only ten more lifetimes….Can you believe it? Only ten more lifetimes and I will be free…’

 `Bless you’, said Maya and continued on her travels.


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