An exclusive club

Walking down towards the river, Vyasa came upon a spider scurrying along in a rush.

`What’s the hurry?’ he asked the spider.

`Arjuna’s chariot is about to pass this way’, the spider replied. `If I am caught under its wheels, I’m done’.

Vyasa laughed at the spider. `No eye gets wet when you die, the world suffers no loss when you are killed,’ Vyasa informed him.

The spider was naturally upset. `You pompous man…..You feel that if you die, it will be a great loss, and you think that doesnt apply to me….Let me remind you–I too have a home, a wife and children…I too have hunger, thirst, joy, pain, I too feel the agony of separation and I too love life as much as you do…The world is as much in me as it is in you…’

For man and beast and insect and worm, these things are common, Vyasa reminded him. `But enquiry into the ultimate, yearning for beauty, truth and goodness, awareness of the underlying unity, these attributes of wisdom are the unique treasures of mankind’, he added and went ahead on his way.



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2 Responses to An exclusive club

  1. Niru says:

    This one I don’t agree with – I think nature and animals are more in touch with a higher form of consciousness than we human beings. And even though we have been gifted the power of a higher consciousness, look around you and you will see how we abuse it so persistently and relentlessly

  2. mash12000 says:

    Niru, that was not meant to rationalize violence against animals in any way….What you say about the abuse is true…that is the curse of intelligence or free will. only intelligent beings can create and, sadly, also destroy. a chimp will never write a bad book but a chimp will never write a good book either. about animals being more in touch with higher consciousness, i dont agree. only human beings can re-engineer themselves. you will never hear a dog say `i want to be a better dog’. yearning for beauty, truth, goodness are the unique treasures of mankind, according to the story above, and i buy that…..cheers, mahesh 🙂

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