Dont believe your own bull****

Constantly disturbed in his meditation by the noisy children in his neighbourhood, Muru came up with a ruse to get rid of them. `Go to the river at dusk and from the waters will rise a being of fire, from whose mouth flames will burst forth. This being will fulfill all your desires…’

The children, excited, ran back to their homes and told their parents about the being in the river and, not surprisingly, hordes of people were found vending their way towards the river in the evening. Muru himself was quite surprised when he saw the crowds.

`Where are you going?’ Muru asked one of them.

`There is a creature in the river, he comes out at dusk and it is said that he will grant all our desires,’ the villager replied. `Everyone is headed there. Why dont you come along too?’

Muru ran into his shack to pack his belongings and joined the hordes. `It is true,’ he reminded himself, `that I started this story, but who knows, it may be true.’



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