Two Mullas and a folk-tale…

The right time to worry…

Mulla Nasrudin’s donkey had gone missing, and everyone in the village was busy searching for the animal.

`The whole village is worried about your donkey except you,’ one of the villagers said to him. `What if the animal is never found? Have you thought of that?.’

`I plan to start worrying,’ Mulla replied, pointing to a hill in the distance. `See that hill…You people havent looked there yet…If you dont find it there, I will start worrying.’


Believe me…

`I would like to borrow your donkey, Mulla’, Mulla Nasrudin’s neighbour said to him.

`Not possible…Someone has already borrowed it,’ Mulla replied. Just then, the donkey brayed out loud from Mulla’s backyard.

`You liar, Mulla, that’s your donkey braying from behind the house’, the neighbour shouted.

Nasrudin slammed the door shut in his face. `A person who believes a donkey more than he believes me should not be lent anything’.


Walking on water (a Tibetan folk-tale):

A yogi saw another yogi sitting across the river and decided to impress him. He crossed the river by walking on water and on reaching the other side, asked proudly `Did you see that?’

`Very impressive,’ said the other yogi. `How did you do that?’

`I meditated in the Himalayas for fifteen years, slept on beds of nails, stood on one leg for three years to be able to perform this miraculous feat,’ the yogi replied.

`You wasted all that time to do this? The boatman would have ferried you across for a mere eight annas’.



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