`Everybody hates me,’ moaned Simba the snake, `no one loves me.’

Stroking his short hip French beard, his guru replied, `Well, why are you surprised?….You are always going around biting people, hurting people….Try and stop biting people and you will see the difference. ’

OK, said Simba, will do, from now on I’m Simba the cool, peacenik, dude snake. Slipping into his `Love them all today’ T-shirt and his sunglasses, he went out singing `Peace, Love, Peace, Love to all’. Now the people stopped hating him but they beat the living daylights out of him because they were not scared of him anymore. Rescuing his fragile sunglasses, Simba hurriedly slunk away into the bushes and decided to consult his hip, French-bearded guru once again.

`You told me to become a cool dude and I did…You told me to stop biting and I did…And they beat me to a pulp because they just don’t fear me anymore…’ Simba wept.

`Dude, I told you to stop biting, I didn’t tell you to stop hissing…’



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