Three poems


The signs of the dawn are seen in the East

And the breath of the new life is here…

Mother Earth is the first to be called to awake…

She moves, she awakes, she rises,

She feels the breath of the new-born dawn.

The leaves and the grass stir;

All things move with the breath of the new day;

Everywhere life is renewed.


This is very mysterious.

We are speaking of something very sacred,

Although it happens every day.

–Tahirussawichi, Pawnee priest


Moderation is not a negation of intensity, but helps avoid monotony

Will you stop for a while, stop trying to pull yourself


for some clear “meaning’’—some momentary summary?

no one

can have  poetry or dances, prayers or climaxes all day;

the ordinary

blankness of little dramatic consciousness is good for the

health sometimes,

only Dosotyevsky can be Dostoyevskian at such long

tumultuous stretches;

look what intensity did to poor great Van Gogh!,

linger, lunge,

Scrounge and be stupid, that doesn’t take much centering

of one’s forces;

as wise Whitman said, `lounge and invite the soul.’ Get

enough sleep;

and not only because (as Cocteau said) `poetry is the

literature of sleep’;

be a dumb bell for a few minutes at least; we don’t want

Sunday church bells

ringing constantly.

–John Tagliabue


True Rest

Rest is not quitting

The busy career;

Rest is the fitting

Of self to one’s sphere.


`Tis the brook’s motion

Clear without strife,

Fleeing to ocean,

After this life.


`Tis loving and serving,

The highest and best;

`Tis onward unswerving,

And this is true rest.

–Johann Wolfagang Von Goethe





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